I am Fr5ed, the 5 is silent.  I had an epiphaniacal (is that a word?) awakening to craft beer in 2011.  Up until then, I was like so many other folks – assuming that beer is that pale, tasteless club soda drink sold by the big 3 or so mega companies.

The lightbulb went on for me after three events.

  1. In 2010 my son-in-law, Christopher, inroduced me to Belgian Trappist ales.  I was quite intrigued and loved them, but my conversion was yet to come.
  2. In early 2011 I was in a restaurant where a friend ordered a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, so I did the same.  The overwhelming flavor and bitterness had my attention through the entire pint.
  3. In September 2011, I bought some Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA and underwent the epiphany that launched my quest to experience as many craft beers (specifically IPAs for now) as quickly as I can.