Sous Vide

I have never been accused of being a chef. My wife is the culinary whiz and I balance the load with my exquisite dish washing.  That being said, I enjoy grilling with my kamado grill and have turned in some notable offerings praised by a number of carnivores (mostly the aforementioned husband and wife).

A few weeks ago I was reflecting on a claim set before me by a friend, Mary, that sous vide is the method for cooking the unquestionably perfect

steak. I finally summoned the gumption to ask Uncle Google about it.  When I realized the simplicity of the process, and the fact I already possessed the few items necessary to create the required environment, I was suddenly energized to act.

Sous vide literally means “under vacuum”.  There is plenty of information, including instructions and equipment options out there on cooking sous vide (see for example) and it’s easy and inexpensive to get started.

Watch my 9 1/2 minute video below as I take a very inexpensive, less than tender cut of meat through the process.  Predictably it came out amazing.