Brew 015 – Crocketed Pinnacle Barleywine

I make mention once again of our glorious time in England and Wales in 2015 – the 40th anniversary of our wedding.  Early in the first week we visited Oxford as part of our Road Scholar tour.  Kevin Heymann, our awesome guide for the entire 2 weeks, introduced us to Oliver Cox, a professor at Oxford who spent 3 days with us. One of those days was invested absorbing all we could of two of the Oxford colleges. Ollie intoned eloquently, yet quite humorously, of the unlikely juxtaposition of the diverse architectural styles. He also wanted to ensure we ingrained one particular rooftop protrusion to our memories, perhaps to put forth at a cocktail party as a grand assurance of our illustrious education.  This architectural adornment is known as a crocketed pinnacle.  To be sure, that word pairing has not escaped my memory since.  In fact it sprang to mind when I was deciding on a name for this delicious, true-to-style English barleywine.  Here’s to you Ollie and Kevin!

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