Brew 018 – Wry Smile Rye IPA

I do love the dry spiciness that a little rye malt adds to an American IPA.

This popular recipe by Denny Conn was fairly straightforward, but I couldn’t resist adding my own twist to it.  I did follow the recipe right down to using Wyeast #1450 yeast, also known as Denny’s Favorite (yes, he has his own signature yeast).  My twist was in the water profile.  Instead of adjusting my water to have a high sulfate to chloride ratio (which you would do to enhance the hop bitterness) I reversed it to have a higher chloride to sulfate ratio.  This is what most New England IPA recipes call for to mute the hop bitterness and soften the mouthfeel.

The results are quite nice and I have had very positive comments from those who have tasted it.  Here is my review of this brew:

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