About the Name

What is Fr5ed? Funny story here.  Or at least I think so which is what matters.

Many moons ago I was enjoying an episode of the original Bob Newhart show as he picked up a letter he had dictated to Carol, the receptionist.  He turned to her and said, “By the way, there are no numbers in my name.”  Delivered in his stammering, deadpan style, it struck me as quite funny.

I then thought to myself, “What would my name look like with a number in it?”  I jotted down Fr5ed and tried to read it back: “Frrr-FIVE-ed.  Nah – doesn’t work.  Unless the 5 was silent.”  Now that tickled me enormously.

When I told my wife, she quite accurately pointed out that it was cornball.  My very young daughters just blinked and said, “I don’t understand that, Dad.” But when I later introduced myself to someone in the presence of my girls and told the individual my name was spelled F..R..5..E..D and the 5 was silent – their horrified looks and disgusted groans told me I had struck pure gold. I would wield this fatherly comedic weapon throughout their lives with the same satisfying results, much like my predictably asking the server in the cafeteria if the Waldorf salad was made with fresh Waldorfs.

Most of my friends and family know this story now, and most of them wonder, “Why does he think that’s funny?” – which makes it even funnier to me.  Which is why I have used this numerically enhanced version of my name as the inspiration for the name of my home brewery.

I think I will go enjoy a glass of my Oat5meal Sto5ut or Dou5ble I5PA.  Now that’s funny stu5ff 🙂