First Group Tasting

image5This past Friday after work I invited a very small group of folks over (4 guests) to sample my initial brews and “tour” the brewery.

Brews 001 through 003 are on tap and everyone got to have some of each.  IPA fans enjoyed the Rye Pale Ale and those who favor less hoppy ales liked the All Amarillo Pale Ale.  Everyone tasted the Oatmeal Stout, but I’m thinking it is a bit “bold” for most palates.  I do have a
couple who are dear friends of mine who had it a week or so ago and really liked it.image4

It was fun explaining the equipment and the whole brewing / fermenting process, though the kind students may have been finished listening before I was finished talking 🙂

Yes, that is some new Silent 5 swag I am sporting.  Couldn’t help myself.



Imminent Launch of S5B

S5Blogo-full (800x487)

I have been reading and studying and preparing and now it’s time to pull the trigger.

It’s been 8 months in the making.  Accumulation of equipment, preparation of the space, and construction of key items has brought me to this day.  I have been testing my systems (brewing equipment, fermentation chamber, stir plate, wort chiller, etc.).  A few more tests and calibrations (recirculation cooling of wort, pH meter, refractometer) and I will be ready for the first brew!

Over time I will be posting details on the brewery, including some of the construction projects:

  • Stir plate
  • Fermentation chamber
  • Hoist
  • Wort chiller
  • Testosterator (kegerator)

I will also post details on some of the recipes and brew days as well as fermentation experiences.

This site and these blog posts serve mainly for myself as documentation of this adventure.  If any of this information benefits any other current or would be home brewers, it will be my pleasure to have served as a resource.