Here are some home brewing resources. Many of these will lead you to plenty other resources.  There is a wealth of information from the home brewing community, a largely supportive and sharing group of passionate folks.

  • American Homebrewers Association – Probably the largest resource for home brewing.  Lots of free information and forums.  For a subscription fee there is even more.
  • Homebrew Talk – active and robust forums.
  • How To Brew – a free, online book by John Palmer.
  • Randy Mosher – Author, educator, speaker, and brewing expert.  I highly recommend his book Mastering Homebrew. Between this book and John Palmer’s book How To Brew you have an encyclopedic vault of knowledge at your fingertips.
  • Brulosophy – The Mythbusters of making beer.  From xBeeriments to recipes to equipment and ingredient reviews, these guys are a solid and respected go-to resource.
  • Brew Your Own – launched in 1995, it is the largest circulation magazine for people interested in making their own great beer at home. Lots of great information here.
  • Brewing TV from Northern Homebrewers – a great series with a fun, informative group of guys (especially the older episodes with Michael Dawson and Jake Keeler).
  • 5 Reasons to Homebrew – a brief article about home brewing
  • Basic Brewing – Gotta love James Spencer and Steve Wilkes, two friends who home brew and exchange quick-witted barbs in their video sessions. They keep it basic, simple, and fun.
  • Beersmith – great brewing software (fairly priced) and a huge and growing repository of resources: video and audio podcasts, forums, blogs – Brad Smith is a busy guy 🙂
  • Homebrew Network (Facebook group) – an active group of home brews around the world sharing their knowledge.
  • Reddit – Home Brewing – Another active information sharing source for home brewers.

Look into visiting or even joining a local home brewing network – here is a resource to find a homebrew club near you:  AHA Find A Homebrew Club.